yoga…where did my journey begin?

Ok so for me this is not a brand new journey and I apologise if it seems as though I am being misleading. However when I first started yoga, I would never of had the confidence to try blog about it or anything else. My life has changed beyond recognition since then and now I feel brave enough to share a little about myself, my relationship with yoga and the bigger journey I am about to take with it.

So Yoga and I have been dating for about 3 years. To begin with it was just casual. It was a way of exercising without having to leave the house. Without having to get out of my pyjamas on some days. Have you ever felt like that? Knowing that life is going on all around you, your family, your friends, work colleagues but you just cant face it? You only do what you have to, school run, work, cooking tea, all on auto-pilot.

This was me.

Truthfully life had always been a little dark, struggling emotionally even before having children. You don’t choose it, often its just there and sadly imagine that most of you know exactly what I am talking about. Blessed are those who have never felt this kind of darkness although there are few of you.

January 2015, So its been Christmas and New Year, and like everyone else you have committed to a New Year of exercise and healthy living. Moneys short so no gym membership and its freezing and therefore hard to get out walking or running even if you can find the motivation.

What do you do?


You browse YouTube for exercise videos, to sit and watch while you eat the last of your Christmas sweets of course. First there is aerobics, bouncing and bounding to hard core techno beats. Too high impact. Next! Step, you need a step! Next! Weights, you need weights! Next! Pilates and Yoga, contorting themselves into advanced positions that no beginner should think about trying. All of these exercises we being performed by perfect people, full face of make up, hair done and all the right clothes.

Except for this one exercise video.

Which isn’t a video, its an invitation. For 30 days of Yoga with Adriene

This was where my journey began.


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