today’s the day!

So its the second of January and with much surprise I’m on the mat 9my first mat was actually a camping mat) I’m wearing my pj’s and staring at the TV, waiting. Am quite a restless person who probably gives up on things too quickly so this was a good start. The Yoga with Adriene class begins…

My first yoga practice!!! 35 minutes of being kind, gentle and non-judging to myself. Well maybe just a little frustration, nobody is perfect….. ever. But I did it, and enjoyed it. I completed the whole 30 days too.

Then I started working my way through all of the other Yoga with Adriene practices. The difference I felt on the days I did yoga to the days I didn’t was huge, with no deep understanding of what was going on in my brain and body all I knew was I felt better.

Yoga with Adriene – 30 days of Yoga is a gentle introduction to a daily yoga practice. With very little experience of yoga other than it being a hippy kind of exercise where people assume weird ans wonderful positions. I found myself breathing deep and trusting my teacher. Funnily enough you don’t have to assume the positions, there are many different levels, customised poses to suit every ability. It may resonate with you immediately or it will sneak up on you slowly but what my first 30 days of yoga taught me was a little self love and respect. Maybe this sounds a bit whacky but simply believing in yourself is the first step in the right direction

There are many online Yoga practices and you might find one more suitable than another. The point is you are looking. Looking is the first step to getting onto the mat and its important you don’t feel pushed, intimidated or stressed either by the teacher or the Yoga Practice they are sharing.

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene Youtube


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