Love yoga, love life

So how else has my life become a yoga life? Well its hard not to see the difference when you practicing yoga everyday. And I’m not talking about hours of time even 10 mins a day can change your experience. The world becomes calmer or it feels calmer because you are calmer. Being in touch with your breath, noticing your body move, not by throwing yourself around a workout but by really listening, stretching your muscles and breathing. Its not intentional or deliberate, yoga is not brainwashing you it just happens. You are calmer, stronger and braver. Its not instant but you gradually feel a change and you will notice it especially if you miss a day.

Calm is good for me, with an over-active imagination and a great sense of the dramatic being grounded really helps me focus on what is important. This in turn helps me be a better person, I laugh more and love more and by doing this it make family life fun. Not that it was doom and gloom before but there did always seem to be a problem, now it feels like everything is surmountable. There is a genuine love for everything around me too. more appreciation of the world and all life in it. Perhaps this is why yoga is seen as ‘hippy’. It does recalibrate your place in this world and where you fit and how you feel. If this needs a label, if this is ‘hippy’ then that’s ok,  in my mind there is nothing wrong with embracing the world, respecting other people, other animals and their environments. to me this is just life and Yoga has helped me love it more.


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