Yoga Training

As of Monday I officially start my Yoga teacher training. This is exciting and terrifying and exciting again! It is a big step for me and my confidence. There is a huge amount of Yoga that I don’t know and although my practice has developed over three years there are many poses that are not yet within my grasp. However I keep reminding myself that this is ok and that is why teacher training is important to me, to learn all I can and to develop.

Sometimes there is too much fear that we will get it wrong and this stops us from trying/doing something we love. Definitely a personal issue that has become repeat behaviour for me! This is breaking all my rules. No Fear!!!

There are lots of other changes in life running parallel to this experience. Meditation and breathing exercises are part of the pre-teacher training. So am doing more than I would normally do and this extra me time has given me some deeper insight into what my life could be like.

Trying to be greener and more sustainable so my footstep is gentler on the planet has become very important to me. This seems to go hand in hand with allnewyogalife and now am taking time to go back and develop allnewgreenlife which will hopefully work as a sister blog. Join me if even to follow my antics and explorations into how to be a little bit greener and a little more yoga. Namaste!


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