yoga training II

Whewwwww, what a couple of weeks that has been. Had hoped to give you regular updates on the first 2 weeks (100hrs) at Yoga Training but it was crazy busy with yoga practice, anatomy, history and teaching practice, exhausting but in a really good way.

There were a great many things in my way for doing this course. All of my own making…my own anxiety of ‘am I good enough’, practicalities of ‘this is a lot of money to spend on something that is not a necessity’, commitments towards ‘how can I leave my family for 2 weeks’ and will I/they survive without them/me? As a 47 year old Mother of 3, Nana of 2, wife, pet owner and employee this was massive!

This course was based in Edinburgh. In an office block just off the Royal Mile. And while that may sound strange, it was wonderful. We started at 6.45am every day which allowed me a slow walk through the empty streets of Edinburgh each morning. If you have ever been to Edinburgh you will know an empty street is a rare thing and getting a clear view of the amazing architecture and Princess Street Gardens with no tourists was impressive.

Meditation started each morning, allowing time to let go of outside distractions and look inwards before yoga practice.

Yoga practice lasted for roughly two and a half hours. As I said before I had doubts of whether or not I was good enough. I still don’t know. What I do know is that I tried my very best everyday no matter how tired or frustrated I felt. It was a physical and emotional rollercoaster but at no point or time was I judged or berated or made to feel less by the other yoga students or the teacher. In fact it was the opposite, a wonderful supportive group with the best teacher I could ask for.

After a breakfast break we would return for Yoga Anatomy.

Learning anatomy was fun and it has helped me to realise that everyone is physically different and being able to achieve a pose is not always about flexibility or lack of it. More blogs on this to come!

Lunch break!!!

Philosophy and History has given me a simple insight into the beliefs and ideas behind yoga however this topic is vast and intriguing. Thankfully we will get more on the second part of Yoga Teacher Training in September.

Teacher training gave everyone the opportunity to try their teaching voice and knowledge of poses. Everyone was terrified of this at the start. Personally it made me feel really uncomfortable but with the kindness of others it became fun….eventually!

Each day finished at 6 and I happily went back to my little hostel pod to sleep! (more about hosteling later!)

This is a very simple breakdown of  my two weeks intensive course and intensive is exactly what this was. However all in all it was a brilliant experience and I cant wait until the next 2 weeks. Even if I never choose to teach Yoga my personal practice and experience of doing yoga has changed forever.

And of course everybody survived while I was away!

Did I mention the teacher? Dhugal Meachem so much respect for this kind, generous and supportive man and would highly recommend any of his teacher training courses.

Interested? Feel free to ask me any questions or go straight to it!








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