Missing Motivation

So today there was no motivation. Normally even when poorly I can find ten minutes of solace on my mat with a pranayama (breathing) exercise but despite knowing how good Yoga makes me feel there was no love for the mat this morning.

It’s hard not to be disappointed and frustrated with yourself when you feel like this. Whether it’s regarding Yoga Practice or any other exercise. A lack of motivation can lead to a whole load of negative emotion if you let it.

Loving Yoga is important to me. It is part of my life and hopefully in the future it will be my career too. So to be good at it there needs to practice. So what do you do with no motivation?

There are so many motivational books, mantras, posters telling you ‘the early bird catches the most worms’ or ‘where there is a will there is a way etc. and normally this is enough. However today the natural instinct was to trust myself.

Instead of forcing myself on to the mat I had breakfast, read a book and took time to relax. Not judging myself and changing the morning routine was lovely. When I finally did feel motivated for my practice I took it outside and it was stronger and better for my patience with myself.

So maybe a lack of motivation is telling you something? Trust yourself? Change it up? Try a different way? What do you think?

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