Yoga isn’t just about the physical

The last few weeks have been tough. There are a lot of changes going on in my life including big decisions and stressful moments. Yoga practice has been the physical response to help me cope but now it is also helping me with the emotional.

If you only choose yoga for exercise that is brilliant, it will hep you tone up and stretch muscles into shape and get stronger and beginning with simply taking time out to work through asanas and focusing on deep breathing is self care. However if you reach deeper and let Yoga become a way of living and coping it will change your life.

So how can this help? Breathing deeply while doing Yoga is considered moving meditation and meditation is one of the most effective ways of calming a stressed and aggravated mind. If you can find that deep breath or pranayama when life gets tough it will take the hard edge off whatever is going on, soften the intensity of emotion and give you space to think. There are a great many breathing techniques but you don’t need anything fancy to start just long slow deep breaths in and out will slow the heart rate and calm a racing mind.

If you choose to combine your deep breathing with simple stretching you then start to release the tension built up in the body.  Tension is caused by stress, anger, depression etc so by slowly relaxing muscles you are letting go of these emotions.

So to simplify-

Stretching and breathing = physical and emotional release.

Add yoga to the equation

Stretching and breathing = Yoga = physical and emotional release.

Its the same.

Yoga doesn’t have to be complicated awkward poses, it doesn’t have to be at a studio or class, it doesn’t have to be lycra or gym wear, it just has to be you taking time to tend to yourself. This is helping with the emotional and on a daily basis it will change your life.








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