Holiday Yoga

Are your family holidays a bit like mine?…..chaotic? At home there is routines like school, work, mealtime. On holiday there is a blank canvas. Sometimes this brings peaceful balmy days of sunshine and other days stress, too hot, too hungry, too tired. Without a little routine it can throw everyone into a craze!

Thank fully I am an early riser this allows me time to sit, think, meditate, do yoga and have a coffee before anyone else comes to break the silence.

With yoga a little goes a long way and for the fortnight I am solely focusing on Surya Namaskar A (Sun Salutation A) a flow of 12 asanas to help charge energy, focus the mind and breathe deep. How appropriate to prepare for the sun quenched days ahead.

So no matter how much chaos the day throws at me there is a base of calm to work from and the patience to take everything as it comes.

Believe me everybody is grateful for this.

Holidays are still crazy and chaotic, kids and grown ups still get too hot, too tired, too hungry but there is a grace to dealing with it.

Try it for yourself♡

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