Which Yoga?

Which yoga? Yoga can be confusing right? There are so many variation, Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, Iyengar, Hot, Power, Forrest, Buti etc etc?!
However, basically they all are variations and progression of original Yogic tradition and beliefs founded over 300 BC. (There are too many arguments over timescale to discuss in this post we can leave that for another day).

Some Yoga styles have set asana with no variations, some go fast, some go slow, some focus on breathing, some don’t. What’s important is whatever you do, it works for you. Your body type, your style, your pace. No point going to Power Yoga if you like to take things slow!

How do you find out which is good for you? Thankfully in this day and age there is no need to splash out the cash to find what you like. With so many online Yoga sites and the power of YouTube you can try them all at the push of a button from the comfort of your home.

A few of my favourites are

No need to sign up to websites unless you want to as all of these generous yogis can also be found on YouTube with a great selection of beginners and short practices.

Here you can try before you buy! Then with a bit of confidence and knowing your preference you could then try a class. It’s nice to support a local Yoga studio and experience some hands on training.
That said there is no need to follow only one practice unless you want to, personally I try a different class every week depending on my mood and feel that the variations enhance my personal yoga practice.
So happy hunting for your favourite Style…It’s all about you ♡

Namaste ♡

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