Fully Qualified Yoga Teacher!

Last Thursday I became a Fully Qualified Yoga Teacher (200hr). There is even a certificate to prove it!

How did that happen? Why do I feel so surprised and terrified? It is not an unexpected journey as signing up for the teacher training course was a plan, teaching yoga was a dream and now actually saying ‘I can teach yoga’ to a class, to friends, to individuals is very real so why the self doubt?

There is a big difference between working through yoga practice yourself at home in the safety of your living room. Listening to your own body is easy, knowing when to push harder or when to take a deep breathe and release to child’s pose is your own decision. As a teacher you have to be aware of that for other people, to watch and make sure they have options that fit with each individuals body type and fitness level without losing the momentum of the class. To make sure each client feels respected and taught enough to find general form safely and excel from there. To create a warm comfortable space where everyone can enjoy yoga practice and switch off from the outside world for that moment in their day. To do all of this and more without favouritism or judgement.

There are also all the technicalities of where/when/how/who, pricing, accounts and the worst for me…doing my own TAXES!!

With so much to take on board it feels incredibly daunting.

However behind all of this there is faith and excitement and I find myself switching off to the little ramblings and asking the big questions….

Why do I love Yoga so much? because it has changed my life in a positive way.

Why do you want to teach Yoga? to share the experience of yoga and hope that it can help others the way it has helped me.

Would I have gone on the YTT course if it was not my goal to pass and teach? Of course not.

Would my Yoga Teacher Trainer have passed me on the course if he did not think I could teach and teach well? No it was a very intense and well thought out training course and know that the Trainers most important point (other than good general form) was that the world needs good yoga teachers.

And I really want to be a good yoga teacher…. maybe I will see you on the mat!!

#allnewyogalife #yogatraining #livingthe dream

interested in training? try here


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