love yoga mats

Its been 5 weeks since starting to teach yoga. 

Its been…terrifying, exciting, fun, encouraging and heartening.

And I love it! Thank you!

Everyone has been so supportive, kind, enthusiastic and keen to know more but within all that to my surprise the most common question has been what yoga mat would I recommend?

This is such a hard question having only had 3 so far there is not much to tell.

My first mat was made of 6mm foam, bought from a supermarket and cost £10, non-slip and comfy but with everyday use it fell apart in 6 months. Thankfully it could be recycled as plastic but a new mat every 6 months was not sustainable. Since yoga was to be with me forever it was important to me to find a second mat that was low impact on the environment through its production and eventually with its disposal and that would also stand the test of time and how often it would be used.

My next yoga mat (and one I still have and use) is a 6mm rubber and jute mat made by ecoYoga, a company based in Edinburgh. This is a great mat, non-slip, thick and heavy. Have had this mat for 3 years and its still going strong. however when it does get too worn it is 100% compostable. Cost is £45

My most recent yoga mat was given to me as a birthday present. Made by Heathyoga. It is 6mm thick and made from TPE with no latex, no PVC, non-toxic or any harmful chemicals and it can be recycled as plastic. It is soft and comfortable but has a tendency to move around when you do yoga on it! It is available through Amazon and other online shops. The price varies from £30-£45. 

As you can see my personal experience of mats is not much to go on!
Yoga mats come in every colour under the sun including patterned and picture mats. They can be made from foam, rubber or latex. There are thick mats (6mm+)for extra knee padding or thin mats (3mm-)for lighter and a more transportable product. Prices can vary from £10- £100. The choice is ultimately yours. your preference of texture, colour, weight and how you feel about using it.
Maybe ask yourself some questions. How often will you use your mat? Are you environmentally aware? Will you be taking your mat on holiday? What is your budget?

Out with the practicalities of the yoga mat my final question is will I want to spend time with this mat? Too Weird? Think about it. Your mat becomes a safe place. A place you go to everyday for meditation, for yoga practice. you work through complex thoughts and life problems, push your boundaries physically and emotionally, achieve new things and let go of old. This is not about colour, price or style, this is about you. 
You want to love and trust this mat!

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