my yoga class

I love yoga…

Yoga provides me with a different way of looking at life, a different way of breathing, different ways to move my body and mind, helping me to switch off or switch on to everyday living. Since beginning yoga, I have become stronger physically and emotionally. Every single practice brings a fresh experience. For a short while this was enough but after helping friends with their practice, it was easy to realise I love yoga more when I share it. Therefore, I teach.

It is important for me to teach yoga the way I love yoga and it is so important for me to get each class right for my clients.  

Yoga is based on the natural world with most poses being named after Flora and Fauna because as yogis we are trying to mimic the physical and emotional strength and resilience that is found in nature. We then use this movement (asana)and breathing (pranayama) to try to balance the mind and body.

Each yoga brand, style or class has its own way of doing this.

So how would I describe my classes?

The goal of my class is to take you back to simple movement and then find strength in that movement. As we get older, we stiffen purely because we restrict ourselves. As babies we moved constantly while learning to sit up, crawl, walk. The floor being our mat. Children still move freely but already restricted by desks at school, dinner at the table, tv watching on the sofa. Nothing wrong with all these things but imagine if we kept as active and as curious as babies all our lives?

Every class begins with a breathing practice and a slow warm up of the spine, neck and hips. These are key points for pain and injury and for me it is important that they are warmed up properly before any further poses are considered. The class will gently pick up from here using a sequence of poses (flow) designed to focus on a specific body area; Back Bends, Hip Opening, Twists, Inversions etc. before coming to a peak pose then winding down towards a blissful ten minute rest in Corpse Pose (Savasana). Corpse Pose is how we close a yoga class. It relaxes the body, mind and nervous system allowing it to process your practice before having to get on with the rest of your day.

So far most of my classes have consisted of beginners. This is brilliant. Beginners are keen to learn and have formed no opinion of how yoga should be done. They are open to find what yoga can do for them.  In class we never assume poses with rigidity, we take time to find our way into them. Everyone has a different body shape because our bones and muscles will have developed differently as we have aged. When we achieve a pose, it is our own personal version of that pose, very rarely will there be an adjustment. working with these ideals provides a safe and comfortable class for everyone.

Come and try for yourself and if my class is not for you I will happily recommend one that will be.


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