My yoga challenge

Today I set myself a challenge. Having been doing Yoga for four years now and enjoying every minute. There are very few poses that I won’t try even though I am far from expert. However I have to be honest and say there are a set of asanas that I have been avoiding.


Even the word makes me uncomfortable.

Inversions include Headstand (Sirsasana), Shoulderstand (Sarvangasana), Forearm balance (Pincha Mayurasana) and Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana).

There are many more inversions and variations of each inversion. However not being able to get past these four has left me limited.

When I was doing my YTT we had to do headstands and handstands every day. It was my least favourite part of the course and actually dreaded it.

So why am I pushing myself to do it now?

Because that is what life is for.

Challenging ourselves.

Right back when we were babies we challenged ourselves, sitting up, walking, eating, talking every step a huge goal and totally amazing.

This led us to school where we challenged ourselves through education, exams, joining clubs and social interaction.

Then as grown ups we become a little less eager to push our boundaries, finding comfort in the familiar. The quest to find something new becomes hard work and this can make us blinkered or insecure.

I am blinkered and insecure about Inversions.

Its not because I can’t do them, it is the fear of what happens if it goes wrong, fear of what I look like and fear of not acheiving the perfect pose which is crazy because my yoga ethos is that everyones own pose is perfect for them.

Some Yogis can handstand all day long finding perfect balance with no wall for support. It can be a beautiful and graceful thing. It is good for blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, it helps develop focus & patience and generally can help you feel uplifted!

Sounds great doesn’t it?!

So here starts the challenge. For the next month my personal yoga practice will revolve around inversion prep work and inversions. I will be kind and patient with myself, take time to find my own pose and not worry if it all goes wrong.

For all of you I will post daily on allnewyogalife Facebook & Instagram. And at the end of the month will do a before and after photo.

After 30 days if I still feel the same way then I will know that inversions are not for me.

But at least i can say I tried.

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