yoga and affirmations

Its a New Moon today and not only does that give me an excuse to do some gentle moon salutations (Chandra Namaskar). It lets me set a new intention and affirmation for the coming few weeks. Clearly you can set an intention or affirmation anytime but for me the New Moon is best.

Since the beginning of time the moon has inspired humans. It has set the scene for romance, magic and horror within literature and art.

The moon has great energy not only symbolically but in reality. What would happen if we did not have a moon?

Scientists have known for centuries that the moon alters Earth’s ecosystems through gravity. As it spins around our planet, warping space-time, the moon contributes to a complex contortion of the oceans, producing twin bulges we call the tides. In turn, the daily marriage and separation of land and sea transforms the topography of numerous species’ homes and the access they have to food, shelter, and each other.

The moon also stabilizes Earth’s climate. Earth does not have perfect posture; it is tilted along its polar axis, circling the sun at an angle of about 23 degrees. The moon acts as an anchor, preventing the Earth from varying its axial tilt by more than a degree or two. Without the moon, our planet would likely wobble about like a dreidel, tilting a full 10 degrees every 10,000 years, and possibly oscillating the global climate between ice ages and hellish heat the likes of which no species has ever endured.

Excerpt from an article by Ferris Jabr, Hakai Magazine. Read the full article here Smithsonianmag

With all this amazing energy why not use it as inspiration for positive change.

A new moon is the best time to start something new.

Farmers would plant seed on a New Moon seeing the development to Full Moon as a way of bringing their crops to fruition. The use of Harvest Moon being the most significant. So when I set my affirmation at the New Moon I see it as planting a thought seed. An idea that I can work with and develop as the moon grows.

So what is an affirmation?

An affirmation can be anything that you set your mind to believe.

Affirmation –

The act or an instance act or an instance of affirming; state of being affirmed.

Something that is affirmed; a statement or proposition that is affirmed; a statement or proposition that is declared to be true

On a New Moon before my yoga practice I write a note simply stating what I want to believe of myself. Sometimes a simple ‘I am Strong’ other times something more specific. I put it under my yoga mat before and bring it to mind when I need it. I always feel my practice is stronger. When I am finished practice I put the note on my notice board or under my pillow a visual reminder of my affirmation.

Thats as simple as it gets.

Is it strange that I believe that by writing something positive down it can happen? That I can change? Its no more wierd than listening to the voice in our head that says something negative. We all know the damage that we do by talking negatively to ourselves.

What happens if we change that around? What happens if we believe in ourselves?

Some simple affirmations are;

I am Strong

I am Brave

I am Enough

But you can write anything. You can be more specific to personal growth or a life goal.

The world is your oyster

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