Yoga in 2021

Its 2021! Im sitting here late on a freezing Friday afternoon having just finished my 200 hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Hurrah!!! I was unsure how it would be learning online but as always Dhugal Meachem, my teacher for Hatha and Yin, prepared an amazing class. Am so excited, happy and grateful to have completed the course given the circumstances at the moment. Not only was it interesting and fun but have met so many beautiful amazing people also on the course. Feeling more confident in all aspects of teaching I am now looking forward and planning how to bring this to my clients. Not so easy when no-one really knows what is happening with Covid and social-distancing.

However it is important to look forward enough to see the world returning to some kind of normality. My main goal is to continue teaching outdoors and am looking forward to having classes at the beach, in the woods and at park. Also returning to a regular class the local Scout Hut when we can.

My other goals this year include furthering my Yoga education with a teacher training course in Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga. Another anatomy based course which means I will as always be teaching from the view point that everyone is different physically in our proportions, in our bone structure and this makes a huge difference in understanding why we all can’t do all the poses….its good to be different.

One of my other interests has been my allnewgreenlife work as much as there never seems to be enough time for two projects it is becoming more and more important that we all do our bit to protect the environment. This website/blog is a work in progress with my own green journey and some hints and tips to on how to make make a difference. You may find the greeness slipping into this website and social media as the two lifestyles are not so far apart. Any green ideas to share? message here or on allnewgreenlife.

This year I turn 50! so have challenged myself to do something for a different charity each month. This month I am doing the Maggies 50 Mile Challenge which has been amazing at motivating me to exercise and inspiring me with stories and updates from other participants. With 29 miles done and 21 to go am thinking I will try go further than 50 miles in the hope of maybe raising a little more money!

And thats it, its not a huge plan for this year but as I said we are not sure where the world is going so right now I just need to have some hopes and dreams but not get stuck in the logistics. Other than this I will be baking, drawing and painting while looking forward to Spring where hopefully we can all spend time with family and friends.

What are your plans for 2021? What are you looking forward to? Hopes, dreams, holidays? Whatever it is have faith that we will all get there one day at a time.

One response to “Yoga in 2021”

  1. Karen

    Thanks for your update on both your yoga and green life. They are always so interesting.

    Hope come the better weather we can get together again. I so miss you all.

    Lots of love

    Sheila xx

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