Hello and Happy Monday 9th of January! How did the last 3 weeks go for you? Do you love Christmas and New Year and are sad that it is over? Or does Christmas exhaust you, and are you relieved it’s over? It is always a bit of both for me. The festive season brings moments of joy and also moments of deep sadness. Without digging too deep, I believe that this is the nature of this time of year to show us the extremes that are less obvious in the warmer months. At this time, with long nights, short days, cold and damp weather, our emotions are more intense.
Especially now that the very human highlights of winter are over, we can often feel empty and lost. Feeling like we need to push forward to get away from those emotions. Giving ourselves ultimatums at New Year for our health and fitness with diets and exercise regimes, when instead we should be gentle and looking inward.

I’m not saying we should not make plans and goals. It is always good to have a dream, but we go at it so fast, too fast. Feasting to fasting almost overnight.
It is important to remember that we are still in Mid Winter when our bodies need the most nourishment and support. When seeds of hope and dreams should be planted.

The trees do not sprout leaves instantaneously. Daffodils do not suddenly appear. Nature does not return to Spring in one day. There is a natural cycle. And we humans are part of that cycle no matter how hard we fight it.

This is not a new philosophy but, in fact, part of our inate nature since the beginning of time

What would happen if we could learn to follow the cycle of the year again and find a gentle return from the darkness of winter to the light of spring in our bodies, hearts and minds.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to connect with nature in this season. Really look at what is happening around you. Use your senses to connect to the landscape. Whether it is snow, rain or sun, feel it on your skin. Listen to nature, trees blowing in the wind or the birds singing. They are a little quieter just now, but they are still there dawning the day. Look at the landscape, colour, light, and texture. It is not as bleak as you think. Find a tree to sit with and ask it what it thinks of winter. You might be lucky and get an answer, and if not, what do you think the answer would be? You may be surprised ♡


This year, I am choosing this path and bringing it with me to my yoga classes.

So if you are looking for something to slowly and gently move you through Winter into Spring. If you are looking for a space to be quiet and look inward. If you need to feel a deeper connection with self and nature, why not join me.

Starting back this week-

Wind down Wednesdays with Yin Yoga. Deep and nourishing ♡

Feel Good Fridays with Hatha Yoga. Slow and Gentle ♡
9.15 – 10.30

Both classes will focus on connection to Earth and Breath.

Feel free to message with any questions.

Please note
All classes in January are pay what you can ♡

Winter Sunset at Inverdovat 2023

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