Recently I have been feeling that my website is too much focused on Yoga and not on life. Yoga has completely changed my life and I think its important to share that. Even when you start yoga as an exercise it begins to filter into your life. Whether its resorting to a breathing technique when you are stressed out in the supermarket or needing to release an achy muscle and being able to come into a pose that helps outwith a class.

There are also other changes. lifestyle changes. as you practice more often you physically and emotionally change.

Changes in my lifestyle are found in my renewed passion for drawing, painting and being creative. This was something I had pushed down my list of priorities in life to the very bottom. It was something I had been told was of no use as it would never make the money I needed to live. Everything and anything else came first, work, home, family. However yoga taught me it is important to find and do things you love for fun. Typing this here it is so obvious but it is amazing how many of us put should and have to in front of any kind of pleasure. It may sound silly but now being able to find time, energy and enthusiasm for something I love is so exciting.

Drawing and painting is not the only change in my lifestyle. I love to garden and I spend as much time as possible outdoors, growing veggies, flowers, walking, cycling and of course doing yoga!

The biggest difference in my emotions that I have noted is that I am patient, at least far more patient then I used to be, very rarely losing my temper now despite being fairly fiery before. With patience comes kindness. It is so important to see people for who they are with the thought of treating others how you would want to be treated.

Hopefully this page will be a space to share some of this life passion through images and anecdotes.