Yoga is for everyone.

All abilities and ages are capable of feeling the benefits of Yoga physically and emotionally.

Yoga improves flexibility, strength and posture. It can calm your mind and lower your blood pressure. Yoga can make you feel happier! Don’t believe me? You can follow this link and read all the benefits 

or you can try a class!


Beginners Classes are held on Fridays at the Scout Hut behind Waterstone Crook Sports Centre.

Beginners classes are for anyone and everyone will be made welcome.

Some equipment can be provided such as mats, blocks, straps etc but if you have your own please feel free to bring them.

Occasionally if the weather is good we take the class outside to the fresh air and sunshine however this is only on the agreement of the whole class.

Private Classes

Do you feel uncomfortable attending a class?

Do you want to deepen your own practice?

Do you and your work colleagues want to start a private lunchtime/after-work class

To discus all available options…