What have I been doing!

Today I finished my third week of Yin training. The first two weeks were pre covid and in person so it was interesting to see how it would work via Zoom. Surprisingly for me (not so tech minded) it was great. Quite simple to use the online format and just as informative, educational and supportive as the previous training. 

It was also really nice to focus on one thing over a few days. Studying anatomy, philosophy, meditation and practicing Yin yoga has been blissful. Plus I got to meet a whole new lovely Yoga Tribe.

The only downside was being indoors.

As you will have noticed since Covid began I have meandered into the background. With very few blogs and FB posts. The last few months could have been a perfect opportunity for me to push forward with my online presence but (despite my enthusiasm towards my training online) teaching via Zoom didn’t feel right.  

What I have been doing is building on my outdoors practice. 

It’s been a daily experience of beaches, hills, woods, sunrises and sunsets. (check out my Instagram). Come rain or shine I have been outside. 

The difference between yoga indoors and yoga outdoors is profound. Yoga is always lovely, studios can be beautiful and relaxing but outdoors removes all boundaries while being physically connected to the natural elements and the natural world.

To feel the earth between your toes, 

the rain on your face, 

the heat of the sun on your back, 

a warm breeze or a cold wind.

To gently watch the seasons pass. 

Practicing with a chorus of Blackbirds, Robins, Wrens, Thrushes.

Being laughed at by Crows and whistled to by Buzzards,

To watch Deer graze, Squirrels play and hear Foxes bark. 

While moving through sunrise sun salutations and moonlit lunar flows. 

It’s not all glamorous, I have been soaked by rain, slipped in mud and even been sunburned through Factor 50 but it is all part of the joy.

Being outdoors has helped me cope through 2020.

If there was any doubt about where my practice and classes were going for 2021 the last 5 days ‘online training indoors’ has made me realise it will be outdoors all the way, with some exceptions in extreme weather.

Hopefully by the New Year there will be the opportunity for you to come join me outdoors in small personal classes. If you’re interested please feel free to message about group or private sessions.

Below is a photograph from my online training with Dhugal Meachem. If you are interested in learning either Hatha or Yin yoga I would highly recommend his trainings

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